SuperBIO is an innovation project funded by the H2020 call Cluster facilitated projects for new value chains (Innosup 2015-1) managed by EASME (Executive Agency for SMEs). The call aimed for projects with a concrete strategic vision to build new industrial value chains by integrating and supporting groups of SMEs in collaboration with other innovation actors. 

In SuperBIO we are committed to build new, innovative, cross border and cross sectorial value chains in the biobased economy. SuperBIO value chains consist of at least three cross-sectorial stakeholders from at least 2 EU member states or H2020 associated countries that are needed to make the innovation in the bioeconomy happen. This typically includes at least a biomass supplier, a converter and an end-user.

The project is business oriented: SuperBIO selects promising value chain ideas which are submitted by companies or other industrial stakeholders and is committed to support SMEs in constructing their value chain. In addition, SuperBIO offers 10 innovation services to SMEs that are part of validated value chains. These service are funded by the project for 75%, 25% needs to be financed by the company. The SME can select multiple services with a maximal total value of € 60 000.

Coordinator: Flanders Biobased Valley
Timing: June 1st 2016 - November 30th 2018
Budget: 3.770.000 EUR
Links: CordisCluster collaboration platformH2020 official call for proposals

the SuperBIO consortium


We aim at creating open collaboration spaces for SMEs, LEs and other stakeholders in the bio-based economy, identifying new industrial value chain concepts maximizing the benefits of the EU business and citizens, constructing highly promising, disruptive and sustainable new industrial value chains by selection of synergistic groups of SMEs, LEs and other stakeholders and providing a diverse, stepwise and comprehensive innovation support program that enables to efficiently and optimally validate the new value chains and to bring them closer to the market.

Our approach and support program ensures the validation of sustainable and commercially viable value chains. The output of this project will lead to the implementation of new value chains, the production of drop-in chemicals and products or the production of new chemicals and products with improved features. It can lead to investments in dedicated industrial production sites for the new value chains eg. through ESIF funds and therefore be a leverage for re-industrialisation of the EU using innovative technologies.