Biosurfactants workshop - B2B-meetings

You subscribed to the SuperBIO workshop on Biosurfactants (more information and program). We offer the possibility to have a B2B-meeting with some of our SuperBIO partners. The following partners will attend the workshop (please click the links for more information on the company and the service they offer in the project):
- Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant - Offered service: Proof-of-concept and scale up
- Gill Jennings & Every LLP - Offered service: Innovation capture and patent filing
- National Non-Food Crop Center - Offered services: Sustainability and regulatory approval - Business planning - Techno-economic evaluation - Market research
- BCNP Consultants - offered services: Business planning - Market research - Access to investors

You can also meet with our Biosurfactant expert, Sophie Roelants.

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