SuperBIO Folder

The SuperBIO folder gives an at-a-glance overview of the project and its objectives

Guidance Document

The SuperBIO guidance document contains all specific and detailed information on the defined procedures and criteria. This document is especially needed when you consider to submit a value chain idea.

Application Form

The SuperBIO application form is a template to be used when submitting a value chain idea. Your local SuperBIO representative can help you with this. Please take contact with him/her before submitting.

Examples of SuperBIO value chain ideas

This document gives some inspiration what type of ideas SuperBIO is looking for by providing some conceptual ideas.

Confidentiality Charter

All partners of the SuperBIO consortium are aware that confidentiality is key to collaborate. SuperBIO ensures that all information that enters the project is treated confidential. All partners therefore agreed with the confidentiality charter that stipulates confidentiality at each step in the SuperBIO procedure.

One-way NDA

A template to fill out a one-way non disclosure agreement when talking to another industrial stakeholder in the value chain.

Mutual NDA

A template to fill out a mutual non disclosure agreement when talking to other industrial stakeholders in the value chain.