Innovation services

SuperBIO engages with companies and other industrial stakeholders that want to build innovative cross-border value chains around their activities and that are interested in innovation services to bring the value chain closer to the market. To receive innovation services by expert SuperBIO service providers you should submit an idea for a new value chain by filling out the application form.

SMEs that are part of validated value chains can receive these innovation services. Based on a gaps and needs assessment the service providers will draft offers for innovation services the SMEs would like to receive in order to bring the value chain closer to the market. An SME can receive multiple innovation services through SuperBIO with a maximal total value of € 60 000. They need to co-finance 25% themselves. This is invoiced after performance of the work. More information can be found in the guidance document

A report of the work carried out will be made by each service provider. This report will not be shared among the project partners and value chain partners, unless the receiver of the service agrees to share.

Overview of the 10 innovation services provided through SuperBIO

Proof-of-concept and scale up

Development and scale up of biobased processes i.e. biomass pretreatment, fermentation, biocatalysis, product recovery and purification, if needed under ATEX conditions.


Services offered include innovation capture sessions to identify potential IP within the SME; patent drafting; and IP audit to evaluate the current IP assets of the SME.

Techno-economic evaluation

The techno-economic analysis is a method to evaluate the economic feasibility of a process, to investigate cash flows over time and to compare different technology applications within a production process.

Market research

Market Research offers a detailed insights in new markets through tools such as surveys, data collection application/ competition analyses, TRL assessments and product identity evaluations (e.g. Green Premium).

Feedstock Analysis

This analysis typically includes an evaluation of potential bio-based feedstocks based on criteria provided by the customer (e.g. quantity, chemical properties and price).

Sustainability and regulatory appraisal

Product sustainability, which includes environmental, social and economic principles and criteria, in house GHG calculators to assist companies with both reporting and compliance requirements, assessment of land use criteria.

Life Cycle Assessment 

LCA analyses the potential environmental impacts associated with a product’s life cycle, from cradle to grave or parts of it. This can include raw material extraction, processing of raw materials, product manufacturing, distribution, use, maintenance and end of life options.

Business Planning

Business planning means telling a convincing story to make the value chain alive. Therefore the service includes the creation of a complete business plan or developing parts of it, e.g. new business models, or financial planning.

Access to investors

Building new value chains needs equity. This service includes connecting to international investors and preparation for investors pitches.

Subsidy and grant strategy

Identifying the right grant schemes for a particular project or for a particular project portfolio, adapt the existing projects towards the exact scope of the grant.