This service is provided by three different service providers each with their individual expertise and scale.

PTPB offers enzyme production and characterization at lab scale, microbial and enzymatic analysis, functional screening of microorganisms, structural analysis of biomolecules and computational chemistry of biocatalysis and fermentation process optimization at 1mL-200L scale. PTPB uses both classical approaches and technologies in cases where high-throughput and speed are not needed as well as molecular biosystem engineering.

INRA Toulouse White Biotechnology (TWB) offers biotechnological proof-of-concept development and optimization of microorganisms. TWB's high throughput strain engineering facilities offer custom services including  plasmid libraries construction, high throughput microbial strain transformation, genome and strain engineering, site-directed mutagenesis, colony picking and high throughput genetic and phenotypic screening. TWB's unique facilities enable high-throughput workflows combining the whole development cycle. In addition, TWB is able to perform rapid fermentation process optimization using multiplexed reactors, which can directly feed into further industrial upscaling efforts at BBEPP

BBEPP deals with pilot testing and scale-up to assess the technology performance at industrial scale, or to produce sufficient quantities of the product for application testing. It will determine the potential for transforming concrete innovative bio-based technologies into marketable industrial scale product. SMEs that selected this service will be supported with a tailor made combination of feasibility analysis, lab work and small-scale pilot tests, designed to match the specifications and level of advancement of their respective technology or process. These feasibility studies will inform the SMEs on the technical feasibility and possibilities of turning their innovative technology into economically viable products. The results of these studies will enable the SME to determine the next steps of their innovation and business development strategy. Data generated can be used for techno-economics assessments and LCA services offered in this project as well. It can be used to identify strategic cooperation partners in the industry and attract and convince potential investors. The scope and activities of each feasibility study/pilot will be jointly determined by the SME and staff (process operators, engineers) of the BBE Pilot Plant. The technical feasibility analysis, lab work and pilot testing take place at the BBE Pilot Plant in Gent. Arrangements regarding confidentiality and intellectual property, as required by the SME, will be laid down in a contract between the SME and BBEPP.