If it is clear from the analysis in WP3 that the value chain will need more or different support (e.g. innovation inside the company, other service providers) than can be given in the frame of SUPERBIO, the ‘subsidy writing’ support service can help. This service ensures leverage of the SUPERBIO project on a longer term and even after the project has ended. Patergrus/Biotechsubsidy is specialised in grant management services. They are strong in identifying the right grant schemes for a particular project or for a particular project portfolio. Once an ideal project/grant combination is identified for a particular SME, Biotechsubsidy forms a tight team with the key scientists and business developers of the project to develop the scientific and business strategy. This team adapts the existing projects towards the exact scope of the grant and optimizes the project such that is has optimal chances to be selected for funding. If judged to be relevant, Biotechsubsidy is also willing to perform the administrative project management of the funded project.