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Biostimulants Europe conference

Global and European biostimulant market has grown significantly over past few years. With increased direction from the authorities and growing demand for sustainable agriculture it is certain that biostimulant market will continue to experience remarkable growth. ACI is delighted to announce the Biostimulants Europe Conference, which will take place on the 30thNovember -1st December 2016 in Almeria, Spain

The two day event will bring together key industry stakeholders from the biostimulants industry to discuss the challenges faced and the future opportunities. Conference will discuss the current overview of the markets, with highlights from experts on the progression of the biostimulants market and new insights and innovation of projects in pipeline.

The conference will also have insights from end-use markets giving updates on market growth drivers along with sustainable advancements in technologies and R&D projects. Join us in Almeria to meet senior representatives from leading companies for excellent networking opportunities.

More information and discount: Maria Garcia Alegre (CTA-SuperBIO)

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