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Novapangaea (UK)

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Demonstrating fractionation of lignocellulosic biomass into sugars, phenolic oils and char

Novapangaea (UK) Limited is currently building a demonstration facility to fractionate lignocellulose into 2nd generation xylose, levoglucosan, and phenolic oils and char using their proprietary thermochemical RefnovaTM process. In order to feed the demonstration facility RDI Associates Ltd. (UK) is currently sourcing birch wood nearby the facility. From the cellulose fraction, the process yields levoglucosan, an anhydro sugar platform which can be hydrolyzed to glucose or transformed directly to high value building block chemicals via catalyzed chemical conversion and direct fermentation. Interest in this potential has been shown by several chemical companies.

SuperBIO enables us to really develop the market of levoglucosan. SuperBIO supports pilot scale separation and crystallization of levoglucosan yielding purified samples that can be tested by downstream users.
— Jonathan Nicholas (Novapangaea)