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Nafici ER (UK)


Replacing wood pulp by lignocellulosic residue pulp

Nafici Environmental Research has developed an innovative bio-mechanical process to transform lignocellulosic residues into paper pulp. It uses less energy than conventional technologies and is much simpler. It can use lignocellulosic residues whose quality is not suitable for eg power generation (due to a high moisture content) and is already cost-competitive with wood based pulp at small-scale. SuperBIO helped out Nafici in finding potential feedstock providers in Poland, France and Germany. BioFutura showed interest in the intended products of Nafici in moulded food packaging.

Funding from SuperBIO has enabled Oxford Biotrans to both accelerate our scale-up to commercial levels, while at the same time reinforcing our supply chain. The results from the project are even now adding to the value and breadth of our enzyme-based, Industrial Biotechnology platform.
— Matthew Hodges (Oxford Biotrans)