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AEP Polymers (IT)


Developing new biocomposites by combining innovative materials

Together with AEP Polymers (IT) SuperBIO constructed a value chain with 5 partners to investigate the market potential of new biocomposites materials. The material AEP is developing combines cashew nut shell liquid (CNSL)-based cardanol with other biobased products that give additional technical properties. Within the SuperBIO value chain Borregaard (NO) is providing lignin samples, while Cardolite (BE) is providing cardanol. Voss Chemie (BE) has a good understanding of the market through its large portfolio of products as well as clients and all epoxy resin they distribute are biobased. Finally, Orineo (BE) as an end-user develops new biocomposites with designer-like look and feel that can be casted in any form and looks for new materials to further improve the performance of its products.

SuperBIO supports our company by providing strategically important information regarding environmental sustainability, feedstocks and the market through its expert service providers.
— Elena Benedetti (AEP Polymers)