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TWB workshop: Bioproduction of high value compounds for cosmetic industry

  • INSA avenue de rangueil 135 Toulouse France (map)

From synthetic biology to biocatalysis

Biotechnological processes (enzymatic synthesis of biobased chemicals and the fermentative production of biocatalysts or other metabolic products) are becoming core technologies in all industry sectors, energy, materials, foods, pharmaceuticals.
Biotechnology in the cosmectics industry can be viewed from different perspectives:

  • development of new cost-effective and environment friendly production processes, as alternatives to chemical processes. Moreover, combining synthetic biology with industrial fermentation technology is used to produce pure active compounds which were traditionally extracted from plant tissues.
  • creation of high performance compounds. For example, biocatalysis can be used to bring additional functionalities to cosmetics compounds, delivering higher value to the industry and superior end-user performance.


Download the preliminary program here.


Registration and welcome


European H2020 SuperBIO project

  Stefan Ruyters - Flanders Biobased Valley (Belgium)
  Lieve Hoflack - Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant (Belgium)
  Tobias Kirchhoff - BCNP Consultants (Germany)

Academic Conferences

  Magali Remaud Siméon - LISBP (France)
Bioproduction of high value compounds for cosmetic industry: an attractive biocatalytic perspective
  Fayza Daboussi - LISBP (France)
Synthetic biology in algae for bioproduction of high value compounds

Lunch & networking

14:00 TWB Welcoming
Pierre Monsan - TWB (France)

Advances in cosmetics

  Frédérique Cauzac - FC Développement (France)
Regulation of ingredients in cosmetics
  Sébastien Duprat de Paule - Seppic (France)
Overview of biobased ingredients in cosmetics
  Joel Cherry - Amyris (USA)
Levure douce parfumée: Amyris in cosmetics
  Alexis Rannou - Givaudan (France)
Biotechnological production of some high value compounds (HA, DHA, Sophorolipids)
  Ernesto Simon - Evolva (Switzerland)
Metabolic engineering and production of resveratrol in baker's yeast
  Eloy Chapuli - BASM Blue International (Spain)
Bioproduction of active ingredients (colors, omega 3)

Coffee break


Success stories by SME

  Marie Bezenger - Deinove (France)
Leveraging biotechnology to produce innovative cosmetic ingredients
  Frank Coutelle - Neweaver (France)
Bioproduction of chitosan by solid state fermentation on agroindustrial residues

Closing and networking


This thematic workshop will present the H2020 SuperBIO’s program, and aims to stimulate the companies working in the bioproduction of high value compounds entering cosmetic formulations.

Toulouse White Biotechnology (TWB) is pleased to welcome you to this international event !