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Innovation capture and patent filing


Today, more than ever, innovation is at the heart of a business’ future.  Intellectual property rights (IPRs) are fundamental to securing that future, and your market share.  GJE’s Innovation Capture Session (ICS) provides a strategy and practical guidance designed to protect and leverage your ideas in line with your business plan.  In discussion with you, the ICS will uncover new innovations within your company and establish their importance in the context of your commercial objectives.  Potentially patentable innovation can then be protected with a patent application, which GJE will draft and file for you.  If you have existing IPRs then GJE’s IP Audit will map them to your products and services, identifying any gaps or redundant IPRs, allowing the development of a more practical, relevant and cost-effective IP strategy.  These are just some of the IP services that GJE offer.  So if you would like to discuss how IPRs can be used to secure the future of your business get in touch with GJE.

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