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Market research

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Within the new bio- and CO2-based economy, market conditions change faster than in traditional markets. To achieve the successful commercialisation of your product, you need a good understanding of the environment you are working in and the customer you are seeking to sell your product to. BCNP, NNFCC and the nova Institute can help you answer those strategic questions. We can undertake market landscape reviews determining market size for a given application, its geographical breakdown, product value by application and competing product developers. This data, collected through our large industry network, can be used to identify new potential customers and customer requirements, ultimately strengthening your business case. Stakeholder mapping exercises can be performed to provide insight into key actors with relevant value chains, supply chains or innovation chains, to identify competitors and potential collaborators. We also offer strategic market reviews covering PESTLE considerations, as a basis for assessing likely trends. This can be complemented by a SWOT analysis to provide robust recommendations for future business actions.

Service offered by nova Institut, NNFCC and BCNP.