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AgroSavfe (BE)

The next generation of biological control agents

AgroSavfe is focusing on biological molecules to tackle pests and diseases, instead of using viruses, bacteria or fungi. AgroSavfe uses camelid binding domains (Agrobodies®), directed against pests’ and pathogens’ essential molecules, to develop the next generation of biological control agents. Agrobodies® have the advantage of acting directly and uniquely on the target organisms. SuperBIO connected Agrosavfe with 3 stakeholders to discuss the potential and any gaps in the implementation of this new technology. A French company, focusing on formulation of agrochemicals, a Polish research institute on new technologies for formulation and Grupo La Caña, a Spanish distribution company on fruit and vegetables.

SuperBIO enabled us to get into contact with new stakeholders in the value chain and supports the upscaling of our technology to industrial relevant scale.
— Luc Maertens (AgroSavfe)