Flanders Biobased Valley

Flanders Biobased Valley (FBBV) is a non-profit organisation supporting the development of sustainable biobased activities and resulting economic growth in the region of Flanders, Belgium. It coordinates the SuperBIO project.


CTA is a successful case of public-private collaboration to stimulate innovation in the south of Spain. Its goal is to facilitate the transformation of the region of Andalusia towards an economic model with a greater added value, enhancing its competitiveness in strategic areas, while attracting capital and external technological resources.


Polish Technology Platform of Bioeconomy (PPT BG) is a young (established in 2014), a thriving cluster, which brings together 70 members from Bioeconomy Industry and Research Institutes from units Academia.



TWB is a pre-industrial demonstrator hosted by INRA (Institut National de Recherche Agronomique) that serves as a national and European focal point for industrial biotechnology, notably by increasing collaboration between industrial companies and academic laboratories.


service providers

Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant

BBEPP is a flexible and diversified pilot plant for the development and up-scaling of new, bio-based processes.  It is capable of scaling up and optimizing a broad variety of bio-based processes up to an industrial level (from 5L to 50.000L scale, depending on the process).

BCNP Consultants GmbH

BCNP Consultants GmbH is a recognised consulting company specialising on the industries biotech, chemistry, nanotech and pharma. BCNP provides market research, business planning and access to investors services to SMEs that are part of validated value chains.

Biotech Subsidy

PaterGrus is a Belgian SME with extensive experience in innovation and raising public funding for innovative projects.  Patergrus is better known under their commercial name ‘Biotechsubsidy’. The innovation related experience is mainly based on the “value innovation process” methodology that was conceptualised by Dr Richard Lee.

Gill Jennings & Every LLP (GJE)

Gill Jennings & Every LLP (GJE) is a leading European intellectual property (IP) firm based in London. Our attorneys are experts in identifying and protecting innovation and we add value to the SuperBIO project by raising awareness of how to protect innovation and analysing IP issues that are relevant to the innovation potential of SMEs and/or the value chain. 


The National Non-Food Crops Centre (NNFCC) is a non-profit Research and Technology Organisation (RTO). NNFCC was originally established by the UK Government in 2003 to provide expert and impartial advice to business and the public sector on the development of the bioeconomy.

Nova Institut (NOVA)

The nova-Institut GmbH is a private and independent institute founded in 1994. Nova-Institute is a partner in various research projects within the fields of bio-based chemistry, materials and biotechnology.