BCNP consultants

BCNP Consultants GmbH is a recognised consulting company specialized in the industries biotech, chemistry, nanotech and pharma (BCNP). The company was founded in 2002 as sole proprietorship. The German Limited was founded 2010, now with offices in Frankfurt and Cologne and presences in Berlin and Munich. BCNP is a dedicated team that is committed properly and professionally for the needs of its customers. In SUPERBIO BCNP provides market research, business planning and access to investors services to SMEs that are part of validated value chains.

BCNP is divided into three divisions: 

BCNP strategy

On basis of our business analyses (market potential, competitor analysis, technology comparisons, ...) you are able to design your business model, to write the business case and to attract financiers - we support you in all steps.

BCNP connect

On the basis of our vivid business networks in the life sciences industry we bring you together with relevant people in order to support you to fill your customer pipeline.

BCNP communication

We support you in your communication strategy to position your company and your products for increasing sales via new customers, e.g. press release writing, PR distribution, expert article, etc.


  1. Through our deep understanding of technologies in the life sciences, we are quick representatives of your request.
  2. For your benefit, we speak the language "Interdisciplinary" - scientists, business people, sales people.
  3. Quick access to networks for achieving more customers, more key partners and more media visibility.


  • big publicly traded companies 
  • medium-sized corporations ("German Mittelstand") 
  • small companies and university based scientists
  • non-governmental organisations


BCNP is member of several scientific and economic organizations: BIO Deutschland, VBU, VBIO, GDCh, GBM, VCW, ACS, RSC, CLIB2021, Diplomatic Council, Wirtschaftsclub Rhein-Main, SDWC.


Mr. Dr. Tobias Kirchhoff – kirchhoff@bcnp.com – Tel.: +49 (0)221 95 43 97 41