Polish Technology Platform of Bioeconomy

Polish Technology Platform of Bioeconomy (PTPB) is a young (established in 2014), a thriving cluster, which brings together 70 members from Bioeconomy Industry and Research Institutes from Academia units.

PTPB is fully supported by: Polish Food Technology Platform, Polish Technology Platform of Biofuels and Biocomponents, Polish Technology Platform of Wood, Polish Textile Industry Technology Platform, Polish Technology Platform of Eco-Innovation and Polish Institute of Technology.

The main mission of PTPB is:

  • networking and events in the bioeconomy
  •  chance of dynamic development of the bioeconomy
  • increase the competitiveness of bioeconomy industry
  • integration of intellectual and research potential with bioeconomy plants
  • intersectoral integration for the development of the bioeconomy in Poland.

The main activity of the cluster is concentrated in the following areas: functional foods, biopolymers and bioplastics, biorefineries and biofuels, maritime bioeconomy, forest bioeconomy and wood-based industries, primary production, biotransformations, the impact on climate and new, bio-based materials used to wrap or protect goods.

The cluster has its headquarters at the Lodz University of Technology Foundation, Lodz University of Technology.



Prof. Dr. Beata Kolesinska – – Tel.: + 48 42 631 31 49

Mrs Ewa Gromek – – Tel.: +48 42 631 38 93